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"Grow A Resilient Workforce" Open House - May 11

Local Government 2030 is continuing a series of open houses during May to discuss the three projects being worked on by the Convening #1 Delegates. We are looking for broad input from colleagues around the country on the work so far.

The open house for the "Grow a Resilient Workforce" project is on Thursday May 11 at 3 PM ET.

With COVID, the Silver Tsunami, and a lack of incoming qualified applicants, it’s become apparent the current local government workforce is struggling. The Grow a Resilient Workforce initiative rethinks and reworks the basics of employment with local governments. The end goal being to build the base of incoming talented individuals who will stay within local government throughout their careers. This initiative is working to provide a manual with strategies and model programs for a wide array of private and public sector entities to implement and address the three major aspects affecting our workforce today: Recruit, Retain, and Develop.

To sign up from the Open House, go to

Project Team:

Gordon Okumu

Michael Zeller

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