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Second National Convening: Action for the Future

Local Government 2030 held its second National Convening “Action for the Future” on January 26-27, 2024 at Arizona State University’s Phoenix campus. 
This second convening of the Local Government 2030 initiative brought together

  • 31 Delegates and 4 Super Delegates that met in November, 2022 at Convening 1

  • 10 elected City and County official Delegates 

  • Senior Leaders from 16 governmental associations:

    • Alliance for Innovation

    • American Water Works Association

    • Center for Public Safety Excellence

    • Engaging Local Government Leaders

    • Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada

    • International City/County Management Association

    • International Institute of Municipal Clerks

    • League of Women in Government

    • National Academy of Public Administration

    • National Association of Counties

    • National Association of County Administrators

    • National Association of Regional Councils

    • Public Libraries Association

    • Public Sector HR Association

    • Urban Libraries Council

    • Urban Sustainability Directors Network


The purpose of the Convening 2 was to:

  • review the work of the three initiative groups from Convening 1

  • receive feedback and input from the elected official delegates

  • compose a final report.  

The final report will contain recommendations to be submitted to the Convening sponsoring organizations, cities, counties and regional councils around the United States for further work and action.

Each of the Convening sponsoring organizations will be asked to endorse the final report and commit to continue the work started by Local Government 2030 in their own organizations.

The Convening was facilitated by Julia Novak, Executive Vice President, Raftelis and members of her team.

For further information, please contact Organizing Committee Member Wally Bobkiewicz.


March 10, 2024 - Convening 2 Final Report

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