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Community Services Report - NAPA Grand Challenges

The Local Government 2030 Convening #1 last November in Omaha started with seven individual reports, based on discipline, reflecting on local government's response to the National Academy of Public Administration Grand Challenges. Over the next few weeks, we are highlighting these reports.

Our second report are the reflections of our Community Services delegates:

Bianca Alvarez, MA, BFA, City of San Antonio

Kirsten C. Decker, Denver Public Library

Patsy Díaz, Chicago Park District

Jessica Hudson, Fairfax County Library

Elle Muse, City of Encinitas

Molly Wetta, City of Santa Barbara

Michael Zeller, Town of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

The delegates were assisted by the Community Services Super Delegates Ramiro Salazar, San Antonio Public Library and Douglas Crane, Palm Beach County Library System.

Community Services sponsoring organizations National Recreation and Park Association and Urban Libraries Council were key supporters in our efforts.

Community Services Report:

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