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February, 2023 Update

Initiative Group Projects

The three initiative groups have submitted their goals and objectives papers for review and comment by the Delegates and Coaches. The groups will continue working on their projects during February, March and April, connecting with partner organizations.

The three initiative groups will hold one hour virtual open houses in May, 2023 to solicit broad feedback from members of the local government community. Open Houses:

Thursday May 4, 3:00 PM ET - Promised Pathways

Thursday May 11, 3:00 PM ET - Grow a Resilient Workforce

Thursday May 18, 3:00 PM ET - Communications Continuum

Additional information on how to connect to each of these Open Houses will be shared in early April.

The next meeting of the Delegates will be on Friday April 21 at 3:00 pm ET

Publicizing Work of Convening 1


Recorded, To Be Released:

Amazing Cities and Towns

Management Matters – NAPA

Public Works Podcast

Working with Podcast Creators, Not Yet Recorded:

GovLove – ELGL

Voices in Local Government - ICMA

All Things Local

Academics of Public Administration

Perspectives on City Management (Texas City Management Association)

FINE(ance) Fridays – GFOA

Public Money Pod – University of Chicago

Public Works Podcast

APA Podcast

APA Illinois Podcast

3CMA Commcast

OpenSpace Radio – NRPA

Side Alpha – Fire


Being written:

Public Management – ICMA

State and Local Government Review

Organizing article:

Government Finance Review – GFOA

APWA Reporter

ALA/PLA/Urban Libraries Council


Article to be organized:


National Civic League



Municipal Lawyer



Conference Presentations

Presentation Confirmed and Scheduled:

Center for Public Safety Excellence, February 28-March 3, Orlando, FL

ICMA Regional Conference, April 12-14, Burlington, VT

NFBPA, April 26-30, Minneapolis, MN

ICMA Regional Conference, May 10-12, Louisville, KY

ICMA, September 30-October 4, Austin, TX

Presentation Proposal Submitted, Awaiting Confirmation:

GFOA, May 21-24, Portland, OR

ICMA Regional Conference, June 7-9, Long Beach, CA

NAPA Social Equity Conference, June 12-14, Kansas City, MO

NACo, July 21-24, Austin, TX

APWA, August 27-30, San Diego, CA

IEDC, September 17-20, Dallas, TX

Other Conferences – Investigating/Preparing Proposals

APA, April 1-4, Philadelphia, PA

NARC, June 4-7, Detroit, MI

PLA at ALA, June 22-27, Chicago, IL

IAFC, August 16-18, Kansas City, MO

Public Sector Human Resources Association, Fall, San Diego, CA

ELGL, Fall

NRPA, October 10-13, Dallas, TX

NASPAA, October 11-13, Pittsburgh, PA

Urban Library Council, November

NAPA, November, Washington, DC

LGHN, November 1-3, Orlando, FL

APHA, November 12-15, Atlanta, GA

New Jersey State League of Municipalities, November 14-16

NLC, November 15-18, Atlanta, GA

Social Media

Regularly posting updates on LinkedIn and Twitter.

New Website

New website launched February 1, 2023. Website created by Melanie Morales of the City of San Antonio on behalf of the Urban Management Association of South Texas.

Convening 1 Video

Convening organizing committee working with University of Nebraska, Omaha on videos from Convening 1.

Planning for Convening 2

This second convening of the Local Government 2030 initiative will bring together the 50 Delegates and 12 Super Delegates that met in November, 2022 at Convening 1, 20 elected official Delegates (10 City, 10 County), six Executive Directors (or designees) of state city and county associations, and a group of participants selected from representatives of the 34 local government associations/groups sponsoring the Convening. Each association/group will be invited to select two representatives to attend. The maximum number of Delegates/participants in Convening 2 will be 150.

The purpose of the Convening 2 will be to review the work of the three initiative groups from Convening 1, receive feedback and input from the elected official delegates and to compose a final report. The final report will contain recommendations to be submitted to the Convening sponsoring organizations, cities, counties and regional councils around the United States for further work and action.

Each of the Convening sponsoring organizations will be asked to endorse the final report and commit to continue the work started by Local Government 2030 in their own organizations.

GFOA CEO Chris Morrill and ICMA CEO Marc Ott are working to schedule meeting with NAPA President Terry Gerton, NLC CEO Clarence Anthony and NACo CEO Matt Chase to organize participation of elected officials and representatives from Convening sponsoring organizations.

The School of Public Affairs at Arizona State University has expressed an interest in hosting Convening 2. The organizing committee is working with ASU officials to select a Friday and Saturday in late January or February, 2024 for the Convening.

Delegate News

Congratulations to Delegate Anthony Ladd on the January birth of his daughter Stella Jude Ladd.

Congratulations to Delegate Marcus Thomas on his new position as Director, Community Engagement with the Truliant Federal Credit Union in Winston-Salem, NC.

Congratulations to Delegate Jeannetta Maxema on her new position as Program Manager – City Manager’s Office, City of Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Best wishes to Delegate Joey Garcia who has left the LG 2030 initiative.

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