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LG 2030 at ICMA 2023

The ICMA - International City/County Management Association Annual Conference in Austin, TX this week was an outstanding opportunity to share our story and get feedback on Delegate projects. ICMA and Executive Director Marc Ott have been outstanding supporters of LG 2030 since the beginning.

On Monday, Danielle Dulin and Genesis D. Gavino conducted a very interactive session on community academies. Session attendees were warned they would have to work and they did. There were great dialogues that fed into the work of the "Communications Continuum" initiative.

On Tuesday, a standing room only group got a greater overview of the LG 2030 initiative from Julia Novak and Jillian McGuffey. Lauren Rose and Lisa Brown then led the group in an exercise on communications best practices getting ideas from the conference attendees present.

Great energy as we work toward Convening 2 at ASU School of Public Affairs January 26 and 27, 2024!!

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