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LG 2030 Second National Convening Announced

Local Government 2030's Second National Convening: Action for the Future will be held January 26-27, 2024 at ASU School of Public Affairs Phoenix Campus.

At this Convening, the original Delegates from Convening One at will be joined by twenty elected city and county officials under the age of 40 to review the work of the three initiative groups from Convening One, receive feedback and input from the elected official delegates and to compose a final report. The final report will contain recommendations to be submitted to the Convening sponsoring organizations, cities, counties and regional councils around the United States for further work and action.

For updates and more information:

Our thanks to Shannon Portillo and David Swindell for their welcoming us to ASU. We look forward to the participation of our Convening One sponsors as we organize Convening Two.

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