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LG 2030 Seeking Elected City and County Officials for Convening 2 Delegates

Are you an elected City or County official under the age of 40 who cares deeply about the future of local government? Do you enjoy working with like minded officials from around the United States? Do you want to make a difference in how local government serves communities in the future? Here is an opportunity to do all this: become a Delegate to Local Government 2030 Convening 2: Action for the Future at ASU School of Public Affairs January 26-27, 2024.

Convening 2 is recruiting for ten City and ten County elected officials from around the United States to join the 50 local government professionals who served as Delegates to Convening 1 at University of Nebraska at Omaha - School of Public Administration in November, 2022 to move forward three actionable projects to address the National Academy of Public Administration Grand Challenges initiative.

Convening 2 will review the work of the three initiative groups from Convening 1, receive feedback and input from the elected official delegates and compose a final report.

The final report will contain recommendations to be submitted to the Convening sponsoring organizations, cities, counties and regional councils around the United States for further work and action. Each of the Convening sponsoring organizations will be asked to endorse the final report and commit to continue the work started by Local Government 2030 in their own organizations.

For more information on Convening 2 and to apply as a Delegate go to:

Applicants will be selected by representatives from the National League of Cities and National Association of Counties and announced in August.

Join us to help chart the course of Local Government 2030

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